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Making the most of the latest developments in garden-tractor technology, this innovative, class-leading machine from Oleo Mac will appeal to the most demanding domestic user.

Under its sleek, noise-reducing bonnet is an Emak K1450 AVD engine that combines an internal oil-pump with a cast-iron cylinder-sleeve for impressive long-term reliability; and which features a dynamically balanced crankshaft for reduced vibration and therefore less wear and a less tiring drive.

A stress-reducing electric key starter makes the ignition process as quick and easy as possible; while a fuel-tank with an impressive six-litre capacity will keep you going for lengthy periods without needing to top-up.

The Oleo Mac 84/14,5 K Lawn Tractor boasts a straightforward foot-pedal controlled hydrostatic transmission that makes it possible to adjust the ground-speed in infinite increments in both forward and reverse, thereby maximising manoeuvrability and making obstacle negotiation intuitively easy.

It comes with a huge 240-litre collection-bag that can be emptied from the driver’s seat, and which benefits from an audible ‘bag-full’ alarm; and it features a twin-nozzle deck-wash system that makes keeping the undercarriage free of rotting and therefore corrosive grass-clippings super-simple.

Unusually for a garden-tractor in the sub-92cm class, the Oleo Mac 84/14,5 K features twin blades. These bring numerous advantages, including cleaner, more powerful bagging; reduced scalping; and a neater finish.

Wide pneumatic tyres offer the perfect combination of grip and gentleness; while a seven-stage height-of-cut (25-80mm) confers superior flexibility-of-use.

Designed to remain comfortable and pleasurable to drive for as long as it takes to get the job done, the Oleo Mac 84/14,5 K has spring-assisted cutting-height adjustment; ergonomically positioned controls; electronic P.T.O. engagement; and an adjustable seat with a sprung suspension and high back.

This 84cm model features twin headlights for safe mowing in poor light and has been developed for paddocks and lawns up to around 6000m2.

  • A ground-breaking garden tractor packed with innovation and cutting-edge engineering solutions
  • Twin-blade cutter-deck for powerful collection, a neater finish and reduced scalping
  • Powerful Emak OHV engine with a cast-iron cylinder liner and an internal oil-pump for durability
  • Electric key start for headache-free ignition at each time of asking
  • Large-capacity 6-litre fuel-tank keeps refuelling-interruptions to a minimum
  • Hydro drive allows for smooth, infinite-increment speed adjustment in both forward and reverse
  • Roomy 240-litre collector has a handy ‘bag-full’ alarm and can be emptied from the driving-position
  • Twin deck-wash ports makes it easy to keep the deck’s underside clean
  • Wide-profile pneumatic tyres will grip delicate lawn-surfaces without scuffing
  • Spring-assisted height-of-cut adjustment – 7 stages from 25 to 80mm
  • Adjustable driver’s seat with padding, a high back and sprung suspension delivers optimum user-comfort
  • Electronic P.TO. engagement
  • Convenient step-through design for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Twin headlights allow for extended working-hours
  • 84cm cut – perfect for areas up to 6000m2
  • Tow-bar and rear-deflector available separately.