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Conveniently comfortable mowing for outstanding results. Effortlessly navigate narrow passages and cover large areas of lawn trouble-free. Enjoy a smooth sit-in experience with its ergonomically placed levers, intuitive side-by-side pedals and spring-assisted cutting deck. Cut more for longer with an optimised bagging capacity, store in less space thanks to a compact design and enjoy the possibilities with its tow hook and range of compatible attachments.

Adjustable driver seat
Tool-less adjustment of seat position.

Dual headlights
Dual headlights at the front.

Hour meter
Helps you having control over service and maintenance intervals.

Pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission
Easy speed and direction control with pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission. Separate pedals for forward and reverse.

Compact design
Compact design for effortless navigation in narrow passages and easy storage while not in use.

Anti scalp wheels
The cutting deck is equipped with anti-scalp wheels, which reduce the risk of scalping when cutting uneven lawns.

Ergonomic driving position
Easy-access controls and plenty of leg room thanks to the adjustable seat.The spring assisted height adjustment cutting deck makes it easy to operate.

ROS in start key
Safe and convenient access to the mow in reverse functionality.

Manual blade engagement
Lever to engage the cutting deck.

Fuel level window
Fuel level window makes it easy to check the fuel level.

Dual pedal drive
Dual pedal drive for better drive control and easy, intuitive operation.

Control levers on one side
Controls levers on one side make it easier to get in and out of the seat.

Collection bag
Large bag collects your grass clippings, leaving a clean lawn as a result.

Towing hook included
Towing hook Included for multiple rear attachments.

Lever-Mounted cutting height adjustment
Easy accessible cutting height adjustment for improved ergonomics. The spring-assisted cutting deck makes adjustment easier.

Turn key start
Easy to get operating under any weather conditions. No choking needed, just turn the key and go.